How to Remove Hair from Office Chair Wheels (Guide)

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How to Remove Hair from Office Chair Wheels

Everything product comes with its pros and cons, so do daily utility things like a regular wheelchair. Today we are talking about Wheelchairs and problems related to them.

If you can remember the early days when you brought your brand-new chair, it was initially so effortless to move your chair from one place to another.

The wheels of the chairs used to move very smoothly and effortlessly, but this effortless work started being a physical pain for you over the period of time. Even after trying a lot to lubricate and clean your chair, you never fully satisfied the results.

No wonder you were and are very curious to know the possible causes behind this and are also very keen for knowing the solution for this problem, so before wasting a single second, let’s straight dive into the topic.

How to dismantle and clean office chair caster wheels

The Problem

Even after doing almost everything from cleaning the seat to washing the whole chair, you never got the desired results. This is possible because you missed looking at the most important part of the chair, i.e., its wheels. Yes, you heard right, Wheels are the most crucial parts of the chair that demand special regular cleaning because of them it is possible for a chair to roll.

Over time, because of constant movement, the rolling part of wheels collects many unwanted dust particles and hairs. It is easy to clean other things in comparison to those curly hairs stuck in the wheels. So, now but the obvious question is how to get rid of these sticky hairpieces?


Before we start telling you the top 6 practical and easy to apply tricks to remove hairs from your chair rollers, we want you first to remove the casters from the chair, and if in your chair casters are by default fixed with a chair, kindly flip your chair. For those who aren’t aware of what Casters is so, A caster is an undriven wheel designed to be attached to the bottom of your chair to enable that chair to move effortlessly.

Now we assume that you have removed the casters of your chairs and are ready to follow up on the mentioned steps, so now let’s begin.

Start With Your Little Finger

Trying gently removing the unwanted dust particles and hair curls from the casters with your smallest finger next to your ring finger. While putting your little finger inside the caster, take utmost care of your finger safety. If you find anything that your finger can’t remove, so try using broomsticks. They will easily take out any hard substances stuck in the caster.

Use Duct Tape

Duct tapes are the best alternative for removing sticking things that are hard to remove from fingers or broomsticks. All you need to do is take out some amount of tape and roll the sticky part in your hand and just like waxing; you have to put it on the dust area and then have to take it away. Dust and other unwanted material like hairs and rough cloth pieces will come along with it.

It’s time for Tweezers

In some cases, it’s tough to remove a sticky bunch of hair as it is stuck in such a way with casters movable area that duct tape can’t go up there. In such cases, Tweezers are best to use. For those who don’t know what tweezers are, such a tweezer is equipment made with two narrow strips of metals joint at one end.

Burn The Hairs

Yes, you heard it right. If none of the above-mentioned tricks work so, it’s time to consider those little fussy problems causing hair pieces with Heat Guns. You can also use a regular lighter or even a matchstick for this purpose. But before lighting up, follow all the necessary safety majors as casters and wheels are made up of plastic and easily catch fire. It is advised to use a small flame blowing lighter because it will help in targeting precisely the hair stuck spot.

Its Washing Time

After applying all the mentioned steps, we are pretty much sure you finally get rid of this hair dust problem. So, now it’s time to clean your rolling wheelchair to make it like a brand new one. You can use any regular washing shop or detergent for this purpose. Make foam from washing detergent and start scrubbing all the areas that demand cleaning. Special mention to the wheel area and the casters’ part. After scrubbing the chair, clean it with clean water, dry rinse, and dry under the sun.

Use Lubricant

As your chair is dry and neat and clean like a branded one, finally, it’s time for our last step, i.e., to apply some lubricant to prevent the mental part of the chair from rusting. Lubricant is not the only best solution to prevent rusting but also decreases the friction between an object that results in smooth, fluid, and effortless movement of an object (Chair).

After implementing the following steps, we are sure you easily get rid of your chair wheel hair removal problem. Other than that, we would like to share some bonus tips with you that will help you in keeping your chair in excellent condition for a longer run.


  1. Regularly apply lubricant in the moving area of chairs to maintain fluidity.
  2. Wash your chair caters weekly so that you can eliminate the chances of dust sticking in the in-cluster of your chair.
  3. Office chairs without wheels offer unique advantages over their wheeled counterparts. They provide stability, making them ideal for tasks that require focused concentration. Additionally, they prevent unintentional movement, reducing the risk of accidents. Explore our guide to find the Top best office chair without wheels for optimal comfort and productivity.

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