How to Clean a Gaming Chair? (in 7 Easy Steps)

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How to Clean a Gaming Chair

If you are a gamer you are indeed familiar with the fact that how addicting Gaming can be. You can see hours of time pass by once you start playing a game with the aim to win.

In such a scenario, gaming chairs are probably the best companion for every gamer who is serious about gaming or streaming games.

Best Gaming Chairs are equipped with a selective range of advanced features to support the users while playing consistently for hours.

All these compelling features come at a cost which is why a gaming chair, regardless of type, will be surely more expensive than any other task or desk chair.

Therefore, you should make sure to keep your chair in its best condition to get the full benefits of the money paid.

Apart from just money, there are many other drawbacks of a gaming chair that are not maintained properly. Some of them include

  • Stressful reclination resulting in severe back pain.
  • Tight swiveling movement resulting in spine misalignment.
  • Hardened cushion in headrest causing headache.
  • Uncontrolled backrest movement causing neck and bodily pains.
  • Tough stains on the cover resulting in skin rashes.

Dirty chairs not only compromise aesthetics but also harbor bacteria and allergens. To combat this, consider investing in the best fabric chair for gaming. Its durable, easy-to-clean material ensures hygiene while providing ultimate comfort and support for prolonged gaming sessions. Upgrade your gaming experience today!”

How to Clean Gaming Chairs

Step 1: Identifying the upholstery material of your gaming chair.

To begin with the cleaning process, you need to make sure which type of upholstery is used on your gaming chair. You can find the answer right from the company’s website in the features or description section. Knowing about the upholstery is essential to prevent any potential damage while cleaning.

A dedicated gaming chair is most commonly made of either of these 4 types of upholstery, they are as below:

  • Pu leather: They are quite easy to clean and all they need is a simple duster or a microfiber rag to wipe off the dust.
  • Mesh: Mesh chair requires mild soap and lukewarm water to get rid of tougher stains.
  • Fabric: These models require some cleaning solvent such as hydrogen peroxide to clean the densely stained areas.
  • PVC leather: These are similar to pu leather and can be cleaned using a duster, microfiber rag, or a vacuum cleaner easily.

Once you have confirmed the type of upholstery used on your gaming chair, now you should check the materials used in the accessories such as armrests, wheelbases and cup holders, etc.

Most gaming chairs are made of plastic but some premium ones can have components made of stainless steel. Plastic or steel is pretty easy to clean, but for hard stains, you will need to take different measures.

Step 2: Gather and Bring-in the Cleaning Items

Now that you are sure about which material you are going to clean, it’s time to start gathering the items required to clean your gaming chair. It is better to start with a bucket of lukewarm water and a microfiber cloth.

For dust, you can also go with a vacuum cleaner and for stains, you will need a mild detergent or any dedicated solvent for stains. You can also prefer an alcohol-based scrub to get rid of stubborn stains.

Furthermore, some paper towels or a long dry towel is essential to ensure there are no stains or watermarks after wet cleaning. Here are some measures to take while gathering the cleaning items to clean a gaming chair.

  • Make sure the water is lukewarm, neither too hot nor too cool no matter how stubborn the stains are
  • It is better to go for mild detergents and cleaning solvents as any kind of left-over chemicals can cause a rash
  • Alcohol-based solvents are not recommended until the stain is too harsh and if mild solvents won’t work
  • Soft sponges can work well to wash the fabric whereas soft brushes are perfect for the stains on the leather materials
  • It is essential to have a dry towel so that there is no foul odor after using detergents with water

Step 3: Removing Debris and Dust on the Surface

One of the most common mistakes that most people do while handling premium upholstery is applying water to the debris. This leaves the marks of dust which is pretty hard to get rid of. Thus, one should always begin the cleaning process by removing the dust and debris accumulated on the outer surface.

Eliminating dust is an easy part and requires less stress as you won’t need water or cleaning solvent. But, for a gentle clean-up, a vacuum cleaner is highly recommended, especially for the fabrics which can contain the dust inside the fibres.

On the other hand, the surface PU or PVC leather can be cleaned by using a microfiber cloth. Here are the steps you need to follow while cleaning the dust and debris on the surface of your upholstery

  • For fabrics, a handheld vacuum with a brush attachment that is used to reach out to the tricky corners would be great. But, leather can make the best use of the normal pipe suction. All you have to do is give a gentle rub on the surface of the chair to get everything into the container.
  • If a vacuum cleaner doesn’t work, you can use a microfiber rag that uses static properties to cling to the dust and get them off the surface.
  • Mesh upholstery needs some effort to clean up the stains and you may require water or a cleaning solvent to remove the dirt.

Step 4: Deep Cleaning with Water or Cleaner

Once you make sure that all the surface dust and debris are removed, now you can proceed with the deep cleaning procedure. Deep cleaning aims at eliminating the stains from the spills of juice, snacks, and sauce that take a long time to disappear.

A gaming chair comes along with tags like “S”, “W”, or “S W”. W means the chair should be cleaned using only water and no other chemicals. Similarly, S means you can use a mild cleaning solvent to clean the stains. S/W states that the gaming chair can be cleaned using water or solvent or a mixture of both of them.

Well, you can use a mild detergent wash even for the “W” upholstery to get rid of tough stains. But, tough materials like leather or faux leather require a gentle rub with the dedicated cleaning liquid with the help of a soft microfiber rag or sponge.

When it comes to mesh, you shouldn’t rub them at all as simple blush with water can help get rid of dust and stains.

Step 5: Get rid of Stubborn Stains

 A gentle rub in a deep cleaning phase may not help to get rid of some stains. You may be surprised by seeing the accumulation of food, sweat, or beverages after months of long gaming sessions. So, there is no wonder that you need to take the cleaning seriously from now on.

In this phase, you need to go for spot cleaning by using the solvent treatment using dedicated cleaning solvents or detergents. Alcohol-based solvents or dilute alcohol can work well to remove the spot stains which are stubborn and mild detergents can’t clean them.

Here is the best way to apply alcohol on the gaming chairs to get rid of stubborn stains

  • Get a cotton ball and a small amount of rubbing alcohol
  • Use the alcohol in the small area of the chair which is unseen directly to test whether it can damage the chair
  • If the area remains unharmed by the alcohol, you are good to go
  • Even if alcohol doesn’t damage your chair, excessive alcohol is not recommended
  • For stubborn spot stains, put a drop of alcohol and gently scrub with cotton

If the stain is too old, you may not get rid of it completely even with the alcohol-based stains. But, you can try and merge the fade from the stain to the natural color of the fabric. Once you are done with the upholstery, you can now proceed with the rest of the Gaming chair.

Step 6: Cleaning the rest of the Gaming Chair Part

Cleaning the upholstery is the toughest part of cleaning the gaming chair. Once you are done with the upholstery, you can now go for armrests, backrests, base frame, and wheels. May it be plastic or steel, they are pretty easy to clean.

Besides, you don’t need as many implications as the upholstery while cleaning them. A wet sponge, some detergent, and lukewarm water are enough to clean the dirt or stains of those parts. All you have to do is scrub the areas based on the level of stain or accumulation.

Even the cleaning solvent can be used to disinfect the chair if you are using the game for months without cleaning. Adding fragrant-based disinfectants can help to get rid of unpleasant smells resulting from sweat or beverages. You can go for warm water and dish wash detergent to clean stainless steel.

Step 7: Finishing touch after cleaning

For a gaming chair that comes with tons of accessories and removable parts, it is essential to unscrew the casters to clean the dirt accumulation. The best way to do it is to disassemble the entire chair by turning the chair upside down.

You can use the rag and cleaning solvent to the dissembled parts to clean them separately. You may need to put more effort while cleaning the wheels of the chair as the floor’s dirt are more stubborn than any other part.

If you are using alcohol, make sure to test it before using it so that it won’t damage the material from any aspect. You can get the wheels lubed up for a smooth movement and grease up other movable parts for efficient usage.

How to Keep a Chair Clean?

By applying all the above-mentioned techniques, you can clean your gaming chair completely. It is a mere fact that the entire cleaning process is quite tough. But, you can avoid the cleaning process by keeping the chair clean. Here are some tips using which you can prevent frequent cleaning procedures.

Having a dustpan or dustbin in the gaming room saves your wheels from clogging and prevents accumulation in the footrest as well.

  • Separate the backrest, armrest, and headrest frequently to make sure they are in good condition.
  • Be proactive and take action right away when you notice any dirt accumulation or stains.
  • Use mild organic-based perfumes or disinfectant sprays to prevent unpleasant odors.


By now, you are familiar with how to clean a gaming chair followed by keeping it clean for the future. A clean and well-maintained gaming chair can enhance your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Besides, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the chair frequently and save a whole lot of time. A clean chair will not only keep your asset safe but also enhance productivity in winning all the games.

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