Standard Office Chair Height (Complete Guide)

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Standard Office Chair Height

While you’re planning to get a stylish office chair to brighten up your workspace, there is going to be a question that would be running in your mind. What should be the ideal height of the office chair, and what exactly is the standard height?

The height of an office chair can be crucial in numerous aspects, as having an incorrect chair height can lead to you having neck-back pain. Getting to know the ideal office chair height can depend on an individual with factors like height, arm length, legs, etc.

What is the Standard Height of an Office Chair?

To be honest with you, there’s no such thing as a Standard height of an office chair. However, North America has a standard height of office desks measuring 29”. Usually, different office chairs tend to have height ranges that do differ significantly.

However, when measuring from the floor to the seat, the height range can be between 16 and 22 inches.

Note – Some office chairs can be adjusted beyond 21” for taller people. Additionally, office chairs can go as low as around 14” for shorter people.

Take a look at the table below representing the Top 5 chair models and the supported height of each chair model –

Model of the Office ChairHeight Supported
Steelcase Leap15.5-20.5”
Herman Miller Embody16-20.5”
ErgoHuman Eurotech17-21”
Haworth Zody Chair14-21”
Sihoo Office Chair16.5-20”

The standard height of an office chair can depend upon the manufacturer. As seen from the table above, there is no such thing as a standard height of an office chair, and it surely varies as per brands.

Ideal Office Chair Height Existence – Is it a Myth or a Reality?

From an ergonomic (POV) point of view, top manufacturers of office chairs rely on producing chairs that do not put adverse health effects on your back, arms, neck, and so on. However, does an ideal height exist for office chairs? Yes! An ideal height does exist, depending upon numerous things from your side.

Let us put it this way – There is an optimized height of an office chair in which the health effects are the least in terms of back-neck pain, shoulder pain, etc.

This is how you can get to the answer:

  • Both the feet are firmly touching the floor while you’re seated, and the knees are bent at 90 degrees.
  • While you’re at work in the office computer, forearms need to be at a similar height and parallel to the desk, with the elbows assuming an open-angle degree ranging from 90-110.

These two situations do prove that an ideal chair height exists, given the above-mentioned results.

Two different ways in calculating the Ideal Height of an Office Chair

There are two positive signs which show the office chair you’re sitting on has an ideal height. Let’s check them out –

1. Both the Feet Touching the Ground Firmly/Effortlessly

This should be a piece of cake! When you’re seated in your office chair, try adjusting the height lever until both the feet of yours touch the floor completely, and your knees are at a 90-degree angle.

Note – Don’t lower the chair as this will exert pressure on the Sit bones.

Alternate way: To know the ideal office chair height, stand in front of the office chair. Try adjusting its heights as this way, the top of the seat is below your knee cap.

2. Forearms Being Parallel

If the forearms of a person are parallel towards the desk while sitting in the chair, it does prove that the chair has an ideal height.

How it can be done? – Adjust the seat height of the chair, as this way, the elbows make a 90-100 degree open-angle. Keep adjusting the height as your forearms can go above the desk and be parallel to the desk.

By having the right seat height, the wrists are in a neutral position, and your shoulders do get relaxed. This does help you in reducing things like Arm fatigue or even carpal tunnel syndrome.

After adjusting the office chair for your arms, chances are there that both your feet are somehow off the ground. As a solution, a footrest can be of great help or perhaps a stack of paper as a support option.

List of Office Accessories that can find the Ideal Office Chair Height for you

Some office accessories can help you find the ideal chair height. They are as follows:

1. Keyboard Tray

One of the most useful office accessories is a keyboard tray. It does bring the keyboard near, and you don’t have to adjust the chair. The keyboard tray is a great accessory to find the ideal chair height as it balances out any discomfort you face while you’re working and sitting in your chair.

2. Height Adjustable Desks

These are in trend currently as they help you take out any potential health risks. A height-adjustable desk lets you raise and lower the monitor or keyboard to the ideal height of your choice. Since they can be adjusted as per your requirements, they help you find the ideal office chair height for you.

3. Footrest

Having a footrest can help your feet from getting dragged or dangling. It rather elevates your feet at a comfortable position and provides you with the option of finding the correct office chair height.

4. Monitor Arm

A monitor arm is a must-have accessory for your office as it can easily attach to the office desk via a clamp mount or with a bolt-through. This office accessory can maintain your chair at the ideal chair height as you can adjust the monitor as per your requirements.

Ideal Office Chair Height Chart according to Height

Getting to know the ideal height of your office chair can require a lot of calculations and some practice. However, we have got things sorted for you to find out the ideal chair height according to your height.

Have a look:

Your Height (Ft)Ideal Chair Height (Inches)Your height (cm)Ideal Chair Height (cm)
4’11”15.9”149 cm40.2 cm
5’0”16.2”151.5 cm40.9 cm
5’1”16.4”154 cm41.5 cm
5’2”16.7”156.5 cm42.2 cm
5’3”17”159 cm42.9 cm
5’4”17.2”161.5 cm43.6 cm
5’5”17.5”164 cm44.2 cm
5’6”17.8”166.5 cm44.9 cm
5’7”18”169 cm45.6 cm
5’8”18.3”171.5 cm46.3 cm
5’9”18.6”174 cm46.9 cm
5’10”18.9”176.5 cm47.6 cm
5’11”19.1”179 cm48.3 cm
6’0”19.4”181.5 cm49 cm
6’1”19.7”184 cm49.6 cm
6’2”19.9”186.5 cm50.3 cm
6’3”20.2”189 cm51 cm
6’4”20.5”191.5 cm51.7 cm
6’5”20.7”194 cm52.3 cm
6’6”21”196.5 cm53 cm
6’7”21.3”199 cm53.7 cm
6’8”21.6”201.5 cm54.4 cm
6’9”21.8”204 cm55 cm
6’10”22.1”206.5 cm55.7 cm
6’11”22.4”209 cm56.4 cm
7’0”22.6”211.5 cm57.1 cm


An ideal office chair height is a reality with a couple of things to be taken into consideration. Not having a proper height of a chair can cause problems to the neck, shoulders, arms, back, etc. Nevertheless, there are a couple of ways in which you can find out the ideal height of your beloved office chair, as mentioned in the article.

Since you know what height of an office chair suits perfectly for you by now, it’s about time for you to sit in that office chair.

Keep it Ergonomic!