Mid Back Vs. High Back Office Chair – Which is the ideal one?

Reviewed by Betsy Sanchez
Betsy Sanchez

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Mid Back Vs. High Back Office Chair

It can be a tad confusing when you’ve set out of your home to get an office chair for your workspace and you come across a variety of options. You’re torn between the choice of taking a Mid Back or a High Back office chair, and the decision-making can go for a toss due to lack of information.

However, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll help you in finding the ideal office chair for yourself.

So, does choosing one over the other make a difference? The answer is a BIG YES! Also, choosing the wrong chair can affect the way you sit.

Let’s get to know both the chairs at a glance:

Mid Back Vs. High Back Office Chair

What is a Mid Back Office Chair?

To give a subtle description about it, mid-back office chairs consist of a backrest that is shorter than your shoulder height. Ideally, these chairs come in a variety of styles and colors that give them a sporty look.

Moreover, the main aim of a mid-back office chair is to provide thoracic spinal support (Upper part of the Vertebra) and the perfect lumbar support (Lower part of the Vertebra).

In practical terms, mid-back office chairs are designed mainly for a shorter sitting period and not for long continuous hours.

As these chairs don’t come up with a headrest, the person sitting on them needs to keep a good posture and be aware of not leaning way back.

The typical design of a mid-back office chair provides the required support for your spine as well as your back.

Pro’s of Mid Back Office Chair

There are numerous benefits when you talk about mid-back office chairs. Let’s have a look at them down below:

  • Light in weight – Unlike their counterpart (High Back Chairs), they are on the lighter side and they can be easily placed anywhere.
  • Good pick for smaller workplaces – When you have a small workspace, mid-back office chairs are the ideal ones as they do not crowd the working area and you can move around at ease with it.
  • Affordable – Price also can be a deciding factor for many people when purchasing an office chair. Similarly, mid-back office chairs are pocket-friendly and you can rely on their longevity. Discover the best office chair under $100, combining excellent value for money with ergonomic design, to enhance your productivity without breaking the bank.
  • Helps you keep a good posture – Those who have a slouching problem should be using a mid-back office chair to improve their posture.
  • Ideal for flexible workplaces – Workplaces that are temporarily and aren’t exactly  proper offices, mid-back office chairs can be of good help out here as they can be placed in a jiffy as they aren’t heavy.

When should you go for a Mid Back Office Chair?

Mid-back office chairs can be your perfect pick. Anyway, mid-back office chairs can be used in the following situations. We’ve got the answers.

  • Conference Rooms – The size of a conference room is no way bigger than an average office size. There is less space and to avoid being extra crowded, mid-back chairs are the right fit here due to their size and being light in weight.
  • Duration of sitting is short – Office hours which require a lesser duration of sitting is where mid-back chairs will be a useful option. A sitting period of 5 hours or less is considered an ideal duration for a mid-back office chair.
  • Small workplace – This chair is ideally suited for smaller working spaces as they don’t take much space in a room. This does help when you have a tight working space and you can’t afford to bring in big office chairs as they might make it extra crowded.
  • The need of moving the chair frequently – At times when office chairs need to be moved frequently and at a swift pace, mid-back chairs will come in handy as compared to high-back chairs as they are bigger and heavier in terms of size.

What is a High Back Office Chair?

A high back office chair can easily be recognized with its headrest and they tend to be larger as compared to a mid-back chair. The built-in backrest offers solid support for the back, shoulders, and neck as well, making them an epitome of comfort.

The main aim of a high back chair is to offer you overall head and back support as you lean comfortably. Moreover, these chairs tend to have numerous adjustments options as compared to their competitor (Mid Back Office Chair).

Prime examples of high back office chairs are Executive Chairs. The reason for this is that people in these positions usually have a big space to take in these big chairs. Also, it is to signify leadership and power that one holds by having big high back office chairs.

Pro’s of High Back Office Chairs:

Right off the bat, you’ll come across numerous aspects that set apart a High back office chair with several benefits. Here they are as follows:

  • Let’s you sit for a longer duration – Thanks to the availability of having a headrest, you’re surely going to be comfortable even during long working hours at a stretch. The license of leaning back by putting your neck at rest while working is priceless.
  • Ideal for taller people – If you’re quite tall, this should be your pick as it does provide a complete head and back support due to its height.
  • Back support – High back office chairs provide dual support in the form of upper and lower back support. This does stop you from having back or head pain due to workload in the office.
  • Ergonomic – The ability to recline, having the options of neck rest, and other features designed for maximum comfort and efficiency makes it a spectacular buying option.
  • Top-notch quality – These chairs are always top in terms of quality, giving an edge to them as compared to mid-back chairs.
  • Longer life span – Since they are made with the most premium quality, you can expect them to have a longer life and stay true.

When should you go for a High Back Office Chair?

Going for a High back office chair can be ideal in the cases listed below:

  • Having a Big office – When you have a spacious office, getting a high back office chair is a No Brainer.
  • Continuous longer duration of sitting time – Having to sit through for more than 6-7 hours at a stretch can be stressful. However, having a high back office chair makes your experience comfortable.
  • Need to show power and status – Owning a high back office chair does mean a special status. If you feel the need of showing authority and influence, going for this type of chair is the right way.
  • Wanting a chair that can recline – If you want a chair where you can recline frequently at regular intervals and have comfort filled with it, you need to opt for high back office chairs.


When you’re trying to choose between the two types of chairs, things boil down to your preference and situation. High back and mid-back office chairs are on the expensive side, however, mid-back chairs are kind of affordable. This doesn’t mean that you should go for the inexpensive one or maybe you can with the matching requirements.

When you’re about to buy a chair, you must keep the requirements and purpose in mind. Many factors that can come into play in the form of your height, comfort, number of work hours required at a stretch, and so on.

We have already discussed the debate between mid-back and high-back office chairs in detail above, and you can have a look at it again to find your ideal decision.  If the chair matches your choice and demands, go for it without thinking about the price tag.