The Ergonomic Benefits of Left-Handed Keyboards

Reviewed by Betsy Sanchez
Betsy Sanchez

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Benefits of Left-Handed Keyboards

Left-Handed Keyboards have their set of benefits over regular keyboards.

Today, we will discuss some of them. But before that, let’s understand for whom left-handed keyboards are most suitable?

Who should buy left-handed keyboards?

No doubt, some of you might feel left-handed keyboards extremely uncomfortable. But, some of you might find it the best suitable for you.

In this section, we will understand for who left-handed keyboards are most suitable:

Left-handed Individuals

People with dominant left-hand tend to use their left hand more than their right hand.

The alphabet keys are placed in-distant from the numeric keys in regular keyboards. Left-handed individuals find it challenging to switch from alphabets to numeric keys frequently.

Left-handed keyboards take care of this issue and offer a more friendly layout for left-handed individuals.

In the left-handed keyboards, the distance between numeric keys and alphabets keys is minimal and requires the slightest hand movements, overall offering a more comfortable experience.


If you are a gamer, you will agree that, while gaming, only particular sections (first few alphabetical keys and numeric keypad) of a keyboard are majorly used.

We have come across individuals complaining that they find it challenging to sync with the regular keyboard and mouse simultaneously. It is because regular keyboards require more wrist movement.

A regular keyboard sometimes requires both hands to manage (one hand on the alphabetical keys and the other on num pad).

However, your response rate will improve significantly if you use a left-handed keyboard. You can easily manage with one hand and concentrate on the mouse with another hand.

People with some injury in the right arm

Lately, if somehow you have injured your right arm or suffering some right shoulder pain, it is recommended to avoid using the regular keyboard as it requires more effort from the right hand.

You can switch to left-handed keyboards, as it will mainly require effort from the left hand. Though it might take time for you to get habitual, in the long run, you won’t hurt your right shoulder any further.

Ergonomic Features of Left-handed keyboards

So far, we have understood who should buy a left-handed keyboard; now, let’s understood why you should buy left-handed keyboards and their ergonomic benefits.

Better wrist position

The distance between num pad and alphabetic keys is less in left-handed keyboards than regular ones, resulting in less wrist movement.

Overall, the left-handed keyboard layout helps us maintain a better wrist position than regular keyboards.

The minimal strain on elbows and shoulders

While using left-handed keyboards, we have noticed that your elbows and shoulders undergo minimal strain.

We had asked our teams to try their hands on the left-handed keyboard. Initially, for the first two days, we heard a lot of complaints regarding the comfortability of the keyboard. It was mainly because we had never used a left-handed keyboard before.

Surprisingly, after a week, our team members started loving their new keyboard and reported that they had been more productive and less tired at the end of the day.

If you have always been a regular keyboard user, you must give a try to left-handed keyboards. You will find a positive difference.

Keys layout

Left-handed keyboards have been recently introduced in the market; manufacturers have noticed every flow in the layout of keys in the regular keyboards.

If you check around, you will notice that we tend to use the alphabetic and numeric keys more frequently than the keys placed between them.

There are no additional keys placed between num pad and alphabetical keys in the left-handed keyboard.

Therefore, you get an improved key layout in left-handed keyboards, which helps in overall productivity.


You might not find the left-handed keyboard ergonomic; it may be because your hand alignment doesn’t sync with the left-handed keyboard alignment.

People with the dominant left hand will find left-handed keyboards extraordinarily comfortable and ergonomic.

To understand which keyboard feels more ergonomic to you, you must understand your requirements and mouse placement.

Let us know in case of any confusion, we will discuss it further.