How to Sit in a Gaming Chair Healthily? (Expert’s Advice)

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How to Sit in a Gaming Chair

While gaming, you need to be in an almost stationary sitting position. Gaming also requires high energy output; that’s where things get a little tricky.

The blood sugar levels in your body are increased to meet those high energy requirements, and when you are sitting, some of your body muscles might need that high energy, and some might not require that much amount.

Your body is designed to maintain balance, but if you are sitting in a bad posture, your body will be under stress, and some of your muscles might not get that minimum required energy. The additional stress causes headaches and body aches.

Apart from this, since you are sitting in an inappropriate position, muscles that are supposed to hold your body might quite easily now have to undergo additional strain because of the wrong posture.

Gaming chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort only when the user is aware of the correct posture. We have seen people buying gaming chairs without any appropriate research.

The wrong posture could affect your body adversely, and you might have to undergo various body pains. We have prepared this guide to help you find the correct posture for your gaming chair.

You must follow the steps below to avoid body pains even after prolonged sitting hours.

Learn How to Sit in a Gaming Chair in 5 Easy Steps

1. Movement is Necessary

The human body is not designed to stay stationary for a long duration. If you forcefully sit in a stationary position, you will feel tired and stressed in just a few hours.

You have to avoid sitting in a constant state. Make sure that your body has some movement regularly. You can choose between different sitting postures; two of them are :

  • Lean Back
  • Sit Upright

In Lean Back position: Your back and head must rest on the backrest and headrest of your gaming chair. In this position, you won’t be undergoing any additional stress for some time, but if you continue this position for hours, you will be facing numbness near your lower back and hips.

After a few (30-40) minutes, you must switch to the Sit Upright position. In this, your spine and neck should be straight, and they shouldn’t be in contact with the chair’s backrest.

Technically, your upper body should be in an upright position. This position will be uncomfortable after an hour; therefore, you can go back to the lean-back position when you feel heavy on the back or neck.

2. Ideal Knee Angle

While sitting on the chair, you must note that your knees aren’t struggling to maintain an inwards 90-degree angle. Anything above or below 90-degree will affect your knee joint and the muscle around it.

You won’t feel the effect for the shorter durations, but if you spend 2-3 hours in the same position, you will start feeling numbness and heaviness in the region around your knee.

If you struggle to maintain a 90-degree knee angle, you must adjust the seat height accordingly.

3. Flat Feet on the Floor

You must be aware of your feet’ position on the floor in an appropriate and neutral position. When your feet are resting flat on the floor, your back muscles get the strength to hold your body effortlessly. Besides that, your stability will be increased manyfold.

If you have a habit of dangling your feet around while sitting, you have to be disciplined and need to remind yourself regularly that your feet must be planted flat on the floor. After 2-3 days, you won’t have to put any additional effort into your feet. It will become your habit.

Apart from this, if you cannot place your feet flat due to short height or any other factor, you must consider getting an ergonomic footrest. If you don’t want to spend, you can also use a shoebox or a paper rim.

4. Use the Depth of the Seat

While sitting, we have seen people using only the front part of the seat. You have to avoid it; tuck your hips deep into the seat. You have to utilize the depth of the seat.

Once you have started tucking your hips deep into the chair, most of your problems will be solved. You will find your back and head in their neutral position automatically. It is because our gaming chairs are designed for that position only.

Therefore, the next time you sit on the chair, make sure you use the depth entirely.

5. Armrest Alignment

When you get an office chair, you have to align your armrest with your upper body. You must ensure that your elbows rest on the armrest, making a 90-degree angle inwards.

When your elbows rest on the armrest perfectly, your upper body will feel light, and your head won’t feel heavy to you.

Whenever you start feeling an additional weight on your head, you must take a break and go for a short walk. Adjust the armrest again and continue with your task when you are back.


Gaming chairs are one of the most comfortable chairs for long Hours if used appropriately. You can easily make your gaming chair extra cozy and satisfied with the points mentioned above.

You must note that additional continuous strain on the muscles can cause injuries and trigger extreme pain. Once you have implemented all the above points, you have already minimized the risk of injuries and pain. However, it is suggested to take regular short breaks between your gaming sessions to eliminate the threat.

While sitting, you must closely observe your body and its point of contact with the chair. If you haven’t, you should include 15-20 minutes of exercise in your lifestyle.

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