How to Make a Office Chair More Comfortable

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How to Make a Office Chair More Comfortable

You can’t do your office work sitting at a beach or bed; it will be too distracting. To do some effective work, we have to come out of our comfort zone where the chair-desk comes into the picture.

According to researches, an average office worker spends 14-15 hours per day. Now, sitting for 14-15 hours on a chair could be very dangerous for your body.

At first, try to reduce the workload, but that doesn’t help, you must take some measures to make your sitting experience more pleasant. You can achieve that by making some changes to your office chair.

In other words, you have to make your office chair more comfortable. In this guide, we have listed some of the effective ways to make your office chair more comfortable and enhance your sitting experience.

Practices to Make Office Chair Comfortable

1. Lower Back Support

80% of the individuals who suffer from lower back pain spend 12-15 hours sitting on a desk. If you use a chair that doesn’t have appropriate back support, you might face severe lower back pain in the coming months.

You either have to get yourself a new office chair for lower back pain or apply a small hack. If you feel like your chair is new and you don’t want to change the whole chair, you must get yourself a lumbar support pillow.

However, a pillow might feel weird in a few days but after a week or so, your body will get used to it and you’ll notice the enhancement in the comfort.

Besides that, even after a week, if you still found the lumbar support pillow a bit uncomfortable, you must consider getting it replaced with a better one or getting a whole new chair.

2. Adjust your Feet Position

You must not hang your legs around. You have to make sure your chair is adjusted at a particular height where your legs can rest flat on the floor.

Even if your ankle is lifted by an inch, you will feel uncomfortable after a few hours.

Dangled feet can trigger, back-pain as well as knee pain. Having a proper posture is very important. An appropriate posture ensures that your weight is distributed equally on both legs and that none of your body parts suffers an additional strain.

If you are falling short of placing your feet flat on the floor, you can get a footrest for yourself and put a paper rim under your feet.

During winters, it is recommended to use a rug under your feet to feel uncomfortable while placing your feet on the floor.

3. Appropriate Armrest Height

The armrest might not seem important to us while buying a chair, but during extended sitting hours, the armrest plays a very important. If you ask us, we would suggest always prefer an office chair with an adjustable armrest unless you are getting an executive office chair.

You have to experiment with your chair’s armrest height. Your body will give you an indication of whether or not your armrest is helpful to it.

Besides that, make sure you adjust your armrest at such a height that your elbows have an inward right angle.

On top of this, you have to be very careful at your wrist position on the desk. If the armrest’s height is high, you will face difficulties placing your wrist naturally on the desk.

If required, you can use a gel wrist rest, but make sure you aren’t using a foam wrist rest. Foam wrist rest will become very uncomfortable after a particular period. If you are using it in a humid region, you might face some skin-related issues.

4. Adjust your Seat Height

As mentioned above, you must not dangle your feet. You have to make sure your seat height is adjusted properly so that you can rest your feet flat on the floor.

Apart from this, seat height plays a vital role in aligning the monitor height with eye level.

If possible, try to adjust your seat height in the first place, but once it reaches a limit where your knee angle and elbow angle exceed 90 Degrees, you must consider adjusting the height of your monitor.

Again to adjust the height of the monitor, you can use books or some empty box. However, there are some adjustable monitors in the market as well; if your pocket permits, you can get one of them as well.

Align your eyes and monitor in such a way that the centre of the screen falls in the market in the straight line of your sight.

5. Lighting at Desk

This is not something related to your office chair, but in the end, this will make you feel quite comfortable sitting on the chair. Lighting will impact your Psychologically.

Once your environment is well lit up, you will find your office chair quite comfortable even for long sitting durations, you won’t feel tired.

You must invest in getting good lights for your workspace. If possible, do in-depth research before getting some lights for your workspace, as bad lighting could spoil the vibes of your workspace.


Apart from all the hacks mentioned above, you should add some greenery to your desk. Greenery will give you the push of positive energy, and you will find yourself enjoying working in your workspace.

If you are going to implement any of the hacks on your chair, you should have an adjusting period of a week or so. Implementing new hacks could be awkward for your body initially.

Even your workspace’s temperature could play a vital role in making your desk and office chair comfortable. Make sure you maintain a pleasant temperature in your workspace.

In Summers, you should have appropriate air circulation in your workspace. Avoid facing situations where your desk is placed directly under the sunlight during summers.

Besides all this, if you have some suggestions, do let us know in the comment sections below. We will discuss it further.