Top 7 Ergonomic Benefits of Laptop Stands You Must Know

Reviewed by Betsy Sanchez
Betsy Sanchez

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Ergonomic Benefits of Laptop Stands

Keeping your workspace ergonomic is the primary goal for any individual. Over the years, laptops have been evolving with powerful processors. However, your comfort level can go for a toss when working continuously for hours.

A Laptop stand can be the missing puzzle to sort out comfort issues and brings in a different level of workspace ergonomics. With the world still in work-from-home mode, having a laptop stand can boost productivity and improve quality of life.

Let’s get down straight to the seven ergonomic benefits that laptop stands offer –

Why Should You Opt for a Laptop Stand?

There are numerous benefits of getting a laptop stand. They are as follows:

1. Portable & Lightweight

If you are a travel person, you might feel that laptop stands might not be your thing as they can add extra weight to your luggage. That is not true, as laptop stands are known to be portable and light in weight, making it easier to slip through your laptop bag without much of a fuss.

Feel free to carry them anywhere, as laptop stands are genuinely portable. Check out LORYERGO Ergonomic Laptop Stand with impressive features.

2. Keeps the Laptop Screen at Eye Level

We all know that using the laptop for prolonged hours can result in body pain and stiffness with too much office work. Blame the low height of your laptop screen, which forces you to look down most of the time, causing unnecessary health problems.

On the other hand, Laptop Stands change the working dynamics by lifting the laptop screen to eye level.  Our necks have to deal with stress when being in the forward bending position (looking down on the laptop screen).

During 15-degree bends, the head weight that our neck has to support changes from 12 to 27 pounds. During a 30-degree bend, (known for gazing at our laptop screen), the weight increases to 40 pounds. That is a lot to take in for the neck throughout the working hours.

Many office workers end up experiencing neck pain frequently because the neck has to carry more head weight than usual during working hours. A laptop stand is a blessing as it eases your body to sit straight without looking down. Looking at eye level is all you need to have a relaxing day at the office or home.

3. Improvement in Typing Experience

Having to type on a laptop keyboard doesn’t give you an aesthetically pleasing experience, which is a bummer! Moreover, an external keyboard does sort out the problem in a way. However, it pushes the screen way too back for viewing it comfortably.

A Laptop stand can let you connect an external keyboard to the laptop without pushing the laptop away. A prime example of this is the dual-rise laptop stands, as they provide to place the external keyboard under the laptop when needed to bring the laptop screen near you.

4. Improves Performance

An ergonomic laptop stand does assure productivity improvement. You would want to know how?

In a circumstance you’re working for consecutive hours without a laptop stand, there’s going to be a time when it takes a toll on your body. You start experiencing muscle pains, headaches, back pain, and other related stress. Your work rate slows down as you figure out why you are experiencing body aches and related pain.

On the other hand, having a laptop stand will let you work in a neutral position where you do not have to stretch your body. Your body is in complete control, and the work speed keeps improving, resulting in better productivity. Additionally, laptop stands are also known to offer ventilation to the laptop to release the heat produced by the laptop.

5. Avoids Spills & Dirt

Keeping the laptop on a stand lets you avoid any accidental liquid spills that can cause harm to the laptop. Moreover, using an external mouse and keyboard; reduces the amount of dirt getting inside the laptop.

Laptop stands help let the laptop have a longer life with less dirt and spills getting onto it.

6. Protects from Overheating and Enhances Laptop Performance

There is a reason why laptops heat up quickly as compared to desktops. The hardware components in a laptop are placed closely fitted with each other, causing less space available for the circulation of air, which results in laptops getting overheated faster than desktops.

Due to overheating, you’ll get to see the laptop struggle to perform everyday tasks, leading to a faster loss of battery power. At max, it can damage internal components that can cause loss of essential data that you’ve stored.

A Laptop stand comes in as your savior to keep the laptop cool by allowing proper ventilation from the base and sides. Since the stands keep the Laptop above the surface, the heat is released quickly and lets you have a better working experience.

Check out this laptop stand that offers USB-powered cooling fans to enhance workspace ergonomics.

7. Few Models can be used as Standing Desks

There are a few Laptop stands that act as top-tier standing desks. Many folding laptop table models are portable and raised high to facilitate working in a standing position. The laptop stand is positioned on top of the desk to match your eye level.

3 Different Types of Ergonomic Laptop Stand Designs:

Laptop stand designs are of three types. Have a look at the table below along with the pros & cons of each to know which suits you best:

Slanted Laptop StandsDual Rise Laptop StandsFolding Laptop Tables
Light & Portable.Has the ability to raise the laptop screen and keyboard too.The multi-utility nature of folding laptop tables lets you use them in different places. They can be used on the desk, bed, lap, etc.
Cheaper in terms of price.A few of the models are stable in a way that lets you type directly from the default laptop keyboard instead of having an external keyboard.It acts as a temporary standing desk by raising its height.
Collapsible.You can place the external keyboard just below the stand to let you view the screen closer.Most models come with a cooling fan to avoid your laptop getting heated.
As it places the keyboard in a slanting position, there is a requirement for an external keyboard for a better experience.It is on the bulky side and has less portability.It can be quite a clumsy experience using this and also complicated to get adjusted and use it.
 It is an expensive option when compared to other types of laptop stands.It is not a portable option when planning to take it out.
 It isn’t fully collapsible.Usually on the expensive side.
Verdict: Very Portable. However, less ergonomic.Verdict: It is more ergonomic with less portability.Verdict: It is the most ergonomic option with minimum portability


Laptop stands are highly beneficial as they offer many features. These stands they keep you away from health problems, and they also improve your work rate in a comfortable working environment.

Laptops do fall behind as per ergonomics; this is why laptop stands make it up for the deficit. Different laptop stands are available in the market that we have already mentioned above, along with their pros and cons. It all boils down to personal choice as to what type of laptop stand you’re planning to buy.

Additionally, laptop stands help keep a great posture and not let you go back to slouching. If you’re looking for a comfortable experience working on your laptop, go ahead and get a Laptop Stand!